Stabila 7'-12' Plate Level 35712

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  • STABILA Type 106T Plate Levels
  • These levels extend so tall walls, tall doors and big windows can be installed properly and quickly.
  • Strong reinforced frame.
  • Measuring surfaces are not machined.
  • Two hand grips.
  • Steel hang hole for storage.
  • 6 sided keyed extension rail delivers smooth and rigid operation.
  • Vial accuracy guaranteed for life.
  • Plumb vial always at eye level .
  • 2 plumb vials, 1 level vial.
  • Opposite side is a measuring surface and straight edge.
  • Positioning scale on both sides of the extension raid for FAST set-ups: : 9ft 1in, 10ft 1in, etc.
  • The removable 1-5/8in stand-offs included deliver accurate plate to plate measurements around braces. They simply twist-on.
  • Also available in magnetic - without stand-offs.
  • Carrying cases, replacement endcaps are available as optional accessories.
  • Order the maintenance kit cat. number 33000 to keep the extension system operating like new.